Reaching important conclusions about players and teams through statistical baseball analysis requires some understanding of the game. Whether an amateur or professional analyst, a grounding in basic pitching and batting data is a must.

With regard to hitters, batting statistics are key in teasing out the general acumen of players at the plate. Hitting for power is affirmed by large numbers of home runs. The ability to hit in general is determined by batting average. Players with high batting averages may or may not hit for power as well. Hitting statistics are important in a player’s earning power. Better hitters will obviously earn more money.

While batters secure their paychecks by hitting, pitchers obviously secure theirs by preventing hits and runs. Probably the three most important categories in figuring a pitcher’s worth are runs permitted per nine innings (earned run average), as well as games won and batters struck out. His spot in the pitching rotation, and his value to the team, can be pretty closely found out by analyzing these numbers.

Most amateur fans will be familiar with basic statistical categories. Beyond this is a whole other layer to the game. This is the arena of professionals, who spend their careers breaking down numbers and forming comparisons and contrasts between various players.

Most in-depth analysis revolves around computerized graphs, charts, and other intricate computations. In this manner, complex comparisons can be made immediately after a game ends and revealed to fans in real time.

Any comparison between teams and players, including some that are quite obscure, can be teased out and examined through statistical baseball analysis. Different eras of the game can be compared and contrasted, and the true stars can be determined.

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Anonymous said... @ July 6, 2011 at 7:51 AM

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