By Timothy Belwood

Reaching important conclusions about players and teams through statistical baseball analysis requires some understanding of the game. Whether an amateur or professional analyst, a grounding in basic pitching and batting data is a must.

With regard to hitters, batting statistics are key in teasing out the general acumen of players at the plate. Hitting for power is affirmed by large numbers of home runs. The ability to hit in general is determined by batting average. Players with high batting averages may or may not hit for power as well. Hitting statistics are important in a player's earning power. Better hitters will obviously earn more money.

On the other side, pitchers also have marks by which they are measured, both for general performance ability and for future contract negotiations. Pitchers are most vital for the games they win, the amount of runs they give up per inning (known as earned run average), and the number of strikeouts they post. These particular statistics, along with many others, can be analyzed to figure the general worth of a pitcher, and his spot in a team's rotation.

Beyond the very basic statistics most known to lovers of the game is another whole level. On this level, every aspect of every pitch is broken down into complex analysis. This is the level of professional baseball statisticians, who crunch numbers for a living in order to prepare for any comparison between players and teams that might be needed or wanted.

Broader professional analysis makes use of sophisticated technology. Statistical charts and graphs can often clarify data, and these visual representations can then be presented during games to more casual baseball fans.

Baseball analysis, then, concerns a wide array of statistics and data that can be used for both basic and complex comparisons of players, teams, and games from all eras of the game. It also allows for a determination of the general financial worth of a particular player, and that player's place in baseball history.

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