Week in Review

As of yesterday, Sunday April 24th, we had not started releasing picks.  My Math Model requires both starting pitchers have 2 starts both home and away.  Saturday the 23rd was the first day any games met our qualification.  We will have Best Bets this coming week. 

MLB Statistics Used in Analysis

Last year I defined and reviewed some of the statistics that I use regularly.  As it is the beginning of our season, and since we have so many new subscribers, I thought it worthwhile to revisit them again.

Baseball, more than any other major sport, is sliced and diced into many, many statistics. As you know I quote several Team and Pitcher stats in my write-ups. I thought it might be useful to review some of these and provide a benchmark for the various measurements. The statistics listed are final league averages for 2010 with some guidelines  provided on some statistics.

I’ve had to abbreviate some stats for lack of space. H=Hits, AB=At Bats, BB=Walks, HBP=Hit By Pitch, SF=Sacrifice Fly

I hope this provides a little insight into those stats you will see me quote regularly as part of my baseball betting strategy.

Wishing you a great week!
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