Welcome to The Baseball Handicapper's first newsletter of 2011!  Through hard work and discipline we are looking forward to extending our streak of 6 consecutive winning seasons.  I thought I would use this first letter to review some of the basics.

Picks Release Schedule

Any math based model requires data to be effective and my TBH Math Model is no different.  Over the years I’ve observed that if both pitchers in any given game have at least 2 starts both home and away, then that is enough data for the model to be effective.  We would expect to start releasing picks beginning next Monday April 18th. 

We release our picks via email either once or twice daily.  If there are day games (games that start prior to 6 PM Eastern Time) then there will be a morning email somewhere around Noon, ET.  Monday through Saturday there will be an afternoon email no later than 6 PM ET.  Sunday is the exception as all picks are typically released at once, normally no later than 12 noon ET.

Our picks will always be weighted between 2 to 4 units, with the majority being 2 unit selections.

Money Management

There can never be too much emphasis given to the subject of money management.  It is truly the difference between winning and losing, especially over the long term.  We view Baseball wagering as an investment and utilize a disciplined approach to our pick selection and to the weighting.  We suggest you take a disciplined approach as well, and recommend you read our article on money management.    http://www.thebaseballhandicapper.com/News.aspx?NewsID=2. We would also recommend that you establish your Baseball bankroll now and therefore your unit size, and stick with that unit size for the entire season.

Last Year’s Results

The 2010 MLB season was our 6th consecutive winning season, but our profit for the year was the lowest over that stretch.  I have been working hard in the off-season analyzing both the model and methodology and have every reason to believe that we will improve upon last year’s profitable record.  Winning and losing streaks do occur however, and without warning.   Our strong start and strong finish last year emphasizes the point that is important to be with us from “Day One” and to follow the program for the entire season.


Thank you to those of you that responded to our pre-season survey.  In an effort to make our service (your service really) the best that it could be, we asked about various topics including game write-ups, our newsletter, and pick release times.  This input is very important and by a clear majority the feedback was to keep the mechanics of the service just as it was last year.  So you will not see any changes in this regard.

Newsletter Topics

Next week we will start analyzing the trends of this young 2011 MLB Season.  Please feel free to email suggestions to info@thebaseballhandicapper.com.

Have a great week!

The Baseball Handicapper


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