There will likely be 200 to 300 baseball handicapping selections throughout the season, which works out to 10 to 15 picks per week. There will also be Playoff and World Series selections when The Baseball Handicapper sees favorable situations and line value.

The Baseball Handicapper’s math model requires each starting pitcher to have at least two (2) starts both at home and away before we will even consider a game as a Best Bet. This is why we do not begin releasing picks to our subscribers until the 3rd or 4th week of the season. This will also explain why you will not see Best Bets from The Baseball Handicapper on games with a rookie pitcher just brought up from the Minor Leagues, seen most often in the dog days of summer in late August and September, when a team is out of Playoff contention. We may, however, have some early season strong opinions (not a best bet) based on other factors than the math.

Our Best Bets will be sent to you via email. When there are day and night games it is possible you will receive two (2) emails that day, one in the morning no later than Noon Eastern (9am Pacific) and the other no later than 6pm Eastern (3pm Pacific). This allows The Baseball Handicapper to account for the most current player matchups, weather conditions, and scheduled umpires, which are not always known by Noon Eastern Time when we release our Daytime Best Bets. Our emails will clearly state whether or not you should expect another email that same day.


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