Every day The Baseball Handicapper analyzes and handicaps each Major League Baseball game looking for the smart plays for the sharp betting on baseball. When we believe that there is a significant edge in making a play, we will make it a Best Bet and release this information to our Baseball Insiders, those with a paid subscription. Insiders will have access to all our Best Bets, which will also include a brief write-up explaining why each Best Bet is a smart play.
Occasionally we will make one of these Best Bets a Free Pick available to all Members, but most of the time our free baseball handicapping picks will be those plays that are very close to being a Best Bet, but not quite the caliber of a play that we feel warrants a 2-unit Best Bet rating.  We will only put out a Free Pick to our Members if we sincerely believe that you have an edge by making the bet.  This is why we will not issue a Free Pick everyday as there may not be any worthwhile plays for that day.  As a Member, you can expect to receive a Free Pick several times a week.
If you are not a member of The Baseball Handicapper visit www.thebaseballhandicapper.com to join now so you can gain a competitive advantage.


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