The Baseball Handicapper is currently +16.39 units for the 2010 season. As it was a short week, we released only 5 Best Bets bringing the season total to 109 picks. We normally project 250 to 300 plays per season, but we may fall short of that this season. There are 12 weeks remaining in the regular season not counting postseason play. To reach 250 by the end of the regular season we would need to average 12 plays per remaining week. That pace would add 144 selections to the 109 already released to total 253 (in addition to the postseason).

We do expect the pace of my selections to increase during July and August, but please remember that it is the quality of the selections and not the quantity that is important. As our method involves looking for value and situational advantages, we will only release a play when it is appropriate.

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janeyj80 said... @ July 23, 2010 at 2:34 PM

I'm a recent subscriber to your newsletter, and your free picks have been a huge help. It's my best season yet!

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